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Seasoned Louisiana law firm helps resolve issues that arise during succession

At Bill Cherbonnier Attorney At Law in Gretna, our attorney has nearly 50 years of experiencing successfully litigating complex legal disputes. If you are involved in a succession dispute, or have concerns about the succession process, you can trust him for sound advice and diligent representation of your case. When disputes arise, they often require astute legal guidance to resolve. Our law firm handles succession matters throughout Southeastern Louisiana.

What is succession in Louisiana?

Succession is the process of settling estates and distributing assets to beneficiaries. It is called probate in other states. Succession usually take places according to the terms specified in the decedent’s will. If the decedent did not have an estate plan that included a valid will and has property that is subject to succession, the property will be distributed according to the state’s intestate succession law. The complex succession process can be confusing and difficult when you are grieving the loss of your loved one, but our attorney can guide you throughout the process, prepare and file all the required documents and represent your interests should a dispute arise.    

What are the types of succession in Louisiana?

There are two main categories of succession in Louisiana: un-administered succession, which is the most common type (and the simpler process), and administered succession. The type of succession an estate goes through depends upon many factors, including the following:

  • The value of the estate and how much debt was left by the decedent
  • Whether heirs are in agreement on the succession terms
  • If heirs cannot be located or there is confusion as to heirs

There are very few instances where succession is not necessary. It’s essential to speak with an experienced succession attorney who can assist you during the process and work to resolve conflicts that may occur.   

What is succession litigation and how does it work?

Succession litigation refers to the legal process of resolving disputes between survivors over the decedent’s estate. Disputes may be resolved through settlement negotiations or going to trial, depending upon the circumstances. Types of estate disputes that may lead to litigation include the following:

  • Challenges to a will’s legitimacy
  • Accusations of undue influence when the decedent prepared his or her will
  • Alleged wrongdoing by executors
  • Disagreements over what individual heirs are entitled to receive

Our succession litigation attorney will diligently advocate for your interests no matter how complex the situation seems.   

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